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Customer Testimonials:

"I decided to work locally, so I purchased your Local Leads in Real-Time. One of my enrollments enrolled 8 customers in 4 days!
She's a real gem. Of course, I purchased more Local Leads in Real-Time this month and I think I've already found another gem. These leads are great!"

- Karen Cary, NC

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Never a bad lead!

Did you know that every lead vendor sells some leads from time to time...that are bad leads? It's true! 99.9% of the happens unintentionally.

Maybe someone types in fake information on a lead capture page...or an underage teenager fills out a form as a joke...or a prankster fills in their neighbor's name, address and phone number.

Sometimes, lead companies unknowingly get some low-quality traffic sent their way...resulting in leads that have no interest in starting a business.

No matter who you're buying leads from... sooner or later, you're going to get a couple bad leads. Maybe you're even going to get a bunch of bad leads.

Unlike most lead companies...when you
do get the occasional bad lead, WE don't expect you to pay for it.

Starting right now...we're changing the rules! When you buy leads from us...; you'll never pay for a bad lead!

Any lead that has a bad...disconnected...or non-working phone a lead that we'll replace. Free.

Any lead you talk to that denies ever filling out a a lead that we'll replace. Free.

That's why we say that you'll never pay for a bad lead again...if you buy your leads from us.

Plus, we go one step further.

When you buy leads from us, we want you to rate those leads. You can do it right in the back office of your DialSmarter System or the lead management site we provide you.

Tell us where they are, on a scale of 1 to 3.

Kind of a win-win situation.'ll never pay for a bad lead again...AND you'll actually help us generate better and better leads for you.

If this sounds like the kind of company you'd like to partner up with...take a look around our store.

*Oh more thing…the fine print.

You might be wondering if there are there any “strings attached” to our “Never Pay For A Bad Lead Again” replacement policy.

There are a couple...but most people think that they're very reasonable.

Here's string #1. If you have lead with a good working number—but they don't pick up the phone, return your call(s) or hunt you down so they can join your business, that doesn't qualify as a replacement lead.

String #2... is that to get a replacement'll need to let us know within 5 days after you first get that lead.

String #3... is that Replacement leads are only available on our Real-Time leads. We do have aged leads available...and on those, we automatically give you 10% overage to make up for any bad leads. If the 10% overage doesn't cover it for you.... Simply contact our friendly customer service staff and they'll make it right for you.

Other than that, there aren't any strings attached.