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I am very happy with my leads. I VERY much prefer them to the other companies I have tried. I also really appreciate your Peak Impact Live Training Calls!

Mary T.

It is time for me to renew my order. I am very pleased with the quality of the leads that you have provided.

An associate in my office ordered leads from a different company and had terrible results. The numbers were old and the prospects did not even remember filling out a questionnaire.

Mark K.

I am very happy with my leads. I VERY much prefer them to the other companies I have tried. I also really appreciate your Peak Impact Live Training Calls!

Mary T.

About our Premium Autoresponder Leads
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BEFORE YOU ORDER: Check with your email service provider and asked specifically if they will allow you to mail "single opt-in leads".

Your personal e-mail account (example: outlook, hotmail, yahoo, aol, gmail) does not allow you to send advertising or solicitation e-mails.

It's no longer 1998.. and at this stage in the game.. e-mail marketing is better left to the advanced marketers.

Most email service providers will not allow you to mail leads. They only allow existing customers and subscribers because they receive less complaints.

For example...

Mailing your own customers or subscribers can get open rates of 15% or higher.

If you mail a contact that does not know you (like our leads) the open rate may be less than 5%.

If you are not familiar with spam filters and/or put the wrong links or words in your e-mail the open rate will be less that 1%.

Most links for popular companies in this industry are already blocked by the spam filters.

And even if you do sign up for an e-mail service provider if you get complaints as low as .02% your email service provider may immediately drop you as a client.

Yes you read that right... .02% complaints and you are toast!!

Why are we telling you this? Because we want you to be successful. When you are successful we are successful!

So what does work?

Call leads first and then send personal follow-up e-mails!

Remember having a home business is about networking, building relationships, and supporting your team to be as successful as you.

This is how you build long term residual paychecks!

If Premium Autoresponder Leads are not right for you.. here is our advice:

1) Select a different type of lead that contains a telephone number. Be sure to call them ASAP!

2) If they do not answer leave a voicemail message. On the voicemail recording tell the lead to "check their email inbox for a message from (your name) with more information."

3) Send a personal follow-up e-mail to every single lead. Your leads will open your follow-up e-mails because they will search their e-mail account and look for you. The combination of a voice-mail and follow up e-mail is very effective!

Premium Auto-responder Leads are available for existing customers and advanced e-mail marketers only.

* We call to verify new orders

Lead type: Business Opportunity
Lead Age: 7-30 days
Location: USA & Canada
Delivery Time: 1-7 Days (varies depending upon current supply and demand)
Replacements: 10% Overage

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