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What our customers say. . .
I've been working [the leads] since yesterday and let me ask you....WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN FOR THE YEAR I HAVE BEEN IN THIS BUSINESS!!?? The people I'm meeting are really looking for results and I'm getting sales. . .
Diane, D., Arkansas
80% of the of the people were very interested, I signed up 1 online which is rare, and 20% I'm mailing out apps or sending them to the website to get signed up. . . Thanks for the great leads!
Alex K., California

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About our Voice Mail Leads

Important! We have recently made changes to this lead type in October 2011 so please continue and read the full lead description!

Talk to prospects who left a voicemail asking YOU to call them with more information on making money from home. By calling us, these prospects take a proactive step to starting a home business-so you know they're serious.

Say "goodbye" to cold calling. Voice Mail Leads have already warmed up to the idea of starting a business: they've called us, they've left a message, and they want you to call them back!

These premium-quality leads are delivered to you after they respond to our business-opportunity leads by phone. You can listen to their voicemail right from your personal computer (anywhere in the world) and call prospects back within seconds! Start receiving leads within hours of placing your order.

We have changed the game! Previous industry problems with Voice Mail Leads have been eliminated.

We have eliminated the following concerns by screening each and every voice-mail lead
by a human being to make sure they are a qualified prospect for you. We are currently screening and disqualifying over 50% of all leads before we provide them to you!
  • Rude or vulgar messages
  • People with little to no money to invest stated in their voicemail message
  • Short messages or hang-ups
  • Quality of the audio and ability to understand the message
  • Non-English speaking
  • Any other reason we feel the prospect would not be a good candidate to start a business
Plus, unlike other lead companies, our system automatically captures their phone number when they call, so you do no longer have to depend upon listening to their voicemail message to get their number. This eliminates nearly 100% of bad phone numbers. The phone number will be included with the e-mail you receive notifying you that you have a new lead.

More reasons we have the best voicemail leads in the industry:
  • Premium Quality: These leads have the strictest screening process in the industry.
  • Voice Lead Control Center: Listen to voicemail messages right from your desktop computer.
  • No Setup Fees: You pay only for the leads. Everything else is included!
  • Free Replacement Leads: If you get a bad lead, we're happy to replace it.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Get one-on-one help by phone, email, or chat.
Bottom Line: Voice Mail Leads save you time, energy, and money! These prospects have a genuine interest in starting a business, and they've already taken a huge step to learn more.

Where do these leads come from? Voice Mail Leads are prospects who respond to our toll-free number in business-opportunity ads online, in newspapers, on TV, and in emails or our voice blasts.

Prospects leave a message in our voicemail system, which we load into your lead store backoffice and e-mail one at a time as a wave file to your e-mail instantly!

Lead Type: Voice Mail Business Opportunity
Leads Delivery: Leads are typically delivered within the first 24 hours of placing your order
Lead Age: Real-time (instant) up to 72 Hours
Location: USA
Replacements: Please return within 5 days of receiving each lead

"No Bad Leads" Guarantee
Got a bad lead? We'll replace it-for free. Simply log in to your Voice Lead Control Center and/or leadstore back office, and get a free replacement lead with the click of a button!

These Leads are not currently available.
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