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In July of 2011, I found myself in a very serious situation. I had hit bottom financially, was burdened with 6 figures of debt, totally stressed out with no money in the bank and finding it difficult to put food on the table. As a single mom of three I knew that something had to change! Through what I feel was an absolute miracle, I found a way to start a home-based business! Following direction every step of the way, I became a 6 figure income earner in 6 months, paid off over $110,000 of debt, been able to give to local needs and wonderful missions around the world and we don't recognize our lives today! In witnessing the results I have had, now my kids are following in my footsteps to have success in their own businesses with our Company. We are all using this Advertising and having Great RESULTS and love the Customer Service provided by this amazing Company. I highly recommend this advertising and experience results in growing your business.

Dianne M.

diane family

Thanks so much! In case you didn't know, the leads we are getting are just AWESOME!!! We are setting appointments everyday and enrolling new customers and business partners into our business! We are all so excited! Since this is the first time we have done something this big as a group, I really did not know what to expect. I was a little concerned that we would not get through 1000 leads in one month, but at the rate we are enrolling and bringing in new business partners, we have more and more people wanting to take part in this. The response is very overwhelming and we are all looking forward to a long lasting working relationship with your company!

Cathy B.

We are having some really good success with the leads...

Lynn T.

Great fast service as usual.

Dennis D.

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Local leads are a proven way to increase your recruiting success.

Nothing adds more credibility to your opportunity, than getting face-to-face with your prospect to present your Business Plan. You will be amazed at how much more receptive your prospects will be, knowing that they have a Real Person locally to help them get started.

Since they're real-time leads, they're covered by our "Never Pay For a Bad Lead Again" guarantee!

These fresh & responsive local leads will be delivered to you in real-time, to the e-mail of your choice. Now you can build a successful business in your own backyard, using our highest quality Real Time Local Leads.

Each of these prospects has responded to a professionally designed, full page Internet offer, and is awaiting information from you on how to start their own home based business.

Exclusive Real Time Lead Match Software links up your desired area codes, with the inbound prospects coming in from our capture pages. If the prospect matches your location criteria, their contact information is delivered to you instantaneously... in Real Time. If you are quick enough in responding, they may still be on the website when you call them back. Now that's a Hot Prospect!

Replacements: Leads with bad phone numbers are eligible for replacement when they are submitted through your lead store customer account within 5 days of delivery.

Availability: Fulfillment depends on currently open orders.

Lead Age: Real-Time

Location: USA and Canada Only

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