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"I wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for your services. I was using an auto dialer for nearly a month and I can not even begin to tell you the negatives that came from the folks I dialed. I also don't even want to count the number of answering machines I left messages on. ONE week using Your system and I have talked and booked appointments at least triple what I was doing and cut my time involved drastically. I love it! These leads are GOOD, SOLID, QUALIFIED leads. Same day interviewed leads is the way to go. Can't wait to see what the RTSF leads will do. Day one on that and I am impressed so far. Thanks to ALL!"

Dale Roberts

"Great site - Yes I will refer many of my people to it - is there a limit? Your MLM leads are the best I have seen - I am working with several now - and more to do. Yes I will order more."
Carol Layton
Tahitian Noni Intl.

"You are #1 in my book!

The conversion rate of the network marketing leads I've purchased through National-Leads.Com is excellent! Your prompt, courteous, response to my correspondence has been exceptional, as well.

I highly recommend"

Best Regards!

Nikki Long

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About our xxxxxxxRadio Co-Op Leads

Now Reserving Shares!

This is your chance to get in on the August, 2014 Offline Leads Co-op!

Secure your share NOW...this Co-op closes at Midnight Pacific Time on July 24th, 2014!

July Co-op Quick Facts

  • 5 week campaign runs from July 28th through August 31st, 2014.
  • Limit of 4 shares per distributor strictly enforced!
  • Only 60 shares available!
  • You'll receive leads from our 60-second Radio Commercial.
  • This co-op normally sells out so secure your shares NOW!
  • Take a look at what a 1st time participant of the co-op had to say just last week.

    Scroll down to secure your share

    Or keep reading to find out...

    ...Why 6 Of The 'Top 10' Recruiters Worldwide Insist On Using The Leads That This Radio Ad Generates!

    Click Play To Hear The Radio Commercial

    Or keep reading to find out...

    ...Why 6 out of 10 Top Recruiters Worldwide Insist On Using The Leads That This Radio Ad Generates!


    Because they know the...

    ...7 Reasons Why Offline-Generated Leads Are The Ultimate Unfair Advantage!

    1. Offline-Generated Prospects are generally more serious!
    2. Offline-Generated Prospects are generally more affluent!
    3. Offline-Generated Prospects remember reading or hearing your ad!
    4. Offline-Generated Prospects are never improperly incentivized!
    5. Offline-Generated Prospects are generally more qualified!
    6. Offline Lead-Generation gives your opportunity more credibility!
    7. These Offline-Generated Leads are perfect for your business!

    Now You can take advantage of the same Offline Ad Campaign that TOP recruiters use to build their business strong!


    ...The One And Only National Offline Ad Co-op!

    Only 60 Shares Available!

    Lock in Your Share NOW...shares WILL "Sell Out!"

    Scroll down to secure your share

    Or keep reading to find out...

    ...How We Use Offline Radio Commercials To Generate Leads That Top Recruiters Swear By...Not At!

    When you purchase a share in this Ad Campaign, we pool your money with 59 other serious business-builders...and negotiate for deeply-discounted airtime on national radio networks... Once we've negotiated the best possible deal...then we run our tested and proven radio commercial!

    Click play to listen to the 60-second radio commercial.

    Want to see where we advertise? Click here to see a partial list of over 1,000 stations that our ad can be heard on!

    Click here to see the type of advertisement the prospects respond to.

    If you wanted to do advertising like this on your'd need thousands of you'd probably be paying "full-price" rates for everything!

    Because we buy massive amounts of advertising...and have developed relationships with industry "insiders"...and come to the negotiating table with CASH...we get deals that are almost unheard of in the advertising industry!

    They fill out an online form with their contact information...and click "Submit."

    Within seconds (not days, hours...or even minutes!) these prospects are automatically redirected to YOU

    In addition to being redirected to you in REAL TIME...their contact information is also automatically imported into your customer control panel

    Scroll down to secure your share

    Or keep reading to find out...

    ...How This Offline Leads Ad Co-op Works!

    Because these leads come from offline advertising, they're not sold at a "fixed price" like online-generated leads.

    Instead of paying "X amount of dollars" for "X number of leads" buy a "share"...which is equal to 1/60th of what it costs to buy all the advertising we purchase in a month.

    In this Ad Campaign, a "share" costs $425.00. Because of the limited number of shares available, we must strictly enforce a 4 share limit per person.

    For each share you'll receive 1.67% (1/60th) of the Real-Time leads generated from the radio advertising we run during the campaign.

    As with any type of advertising...there are never any guarantees of exactly how many leads you'll receive.

    What we do guarantee is that you'll receive 1.67% (1/60th) of ALL the leads that come in during the campaign.

    If the radio commercial performs like it has in the past, it would be realistic to say that you could receive 30 or more Real-Time prospects for your business.

    The Real-Time prospects you receive from the radio co-op are exclusive to you

    Your leads will start being delivered shortly after the campaign begins. Due to the unpredictability of advertising response, you may or may not receive leads on a regular basis.

    You will, however, receive your full "share" of leads (1/60th or 1.67%) by the time this campaign is over.

    Scroll down to secure your share

    Or keep reading to check out the...

    ...Special Bonus...if you ORDER NOW!

    If you're ready to join the other Top Recruiters who insist on using these leads...we'll throw in a very valuable FREE BONUS worth a minimum of $150!

    We're going to give you 200 of our “High Quality Value Prospects.”

    Distributors in other companies report getting serious inquiries from these leads...

    We'll give you 200 of these leads ABSOLUTELY FREE...when you order now! ($150 Value!)

    All of these BONUS LEADS will be delivered directly into your customer control panel


    Kim ReedI use the offline generated leads almost exclusively because they're more qualified and tend to be more serious about starting a home business. I was my companies #3 Fast Start Recruiter in the World for 2005-6 and I couldn't have achieved that without these leads - Kim Reed, CT

    Kent MackOffline Generated Leads" helped me triple my volume in the past 12 months and earned me the #2 Fast Start Recruiter (world-wide) award for my company! I recommend these leads to everyone on my team!" - Kent Mack, VA

    Fink The coop System works great... IF YOU WORK THE SYSTEM ...through the Offline Leads Co-op, our personal group signed up 61 Fast Start Distributors from January through June... we were Number One in the World! These new Distributors were also responsible for us being recognized in "50+ Sponsoring" AND "25,000 GPV Increase" (we actually had a 29,000 GPV increase, and ALL of it occurred in the final 6 months of the qualification period, Jan-June.) What is really exciting NOW is watching the growth of our new business builders...we had a New Director (who we met through the Radio Campaign) with us in San Francisco, and we have another Distributor team very close to being promoted... Overall, we find the Radio Leads to be the highest quality prospects we've ever met! - Zal and Ruth Fink, CA

    Lead Age: Real-Time

    Location: USA only

    Replacements: None

    These Leads are not currently available.