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About our Super Value 600/60 Pack

The Super Value 600/60 Pack combines (600) 7-30 day Surveyed Leads with (60) Real Time Short Form Leads. If you were to purchased separately these leads would cost you over $100.00.

We do require auto-ship on this package but you may cancel at anytime from your customer leads control panel in your lead store backoffice.

This package is excellent for:

  • New recruit on a limited advertising budget who needs calling experience
  • Fill-in leads for those waiting for premium or Co-op share leads
  • For the recruiters who never can have enough leads

Just a note about our Short Form Leads. These leads are virtually the same as many of our Real-Time surveyed leads but without the questions attached and about $2.00 each cheaper. Through a special arrangement with one of our sources, who has surplus inventory of surveyed leads, we have acquired these leads at 1/20 the cost without the additional fields.

You may request a specific # of leads delivered per day on both short form leads and the female only 7-30 day surveyed leads.

Replacements: Real Time Short Form Leads with bad phone numbers or who claim they never submitted a request for information are eligible for replacement when they are submitted through your lead store customer account within 5 days of delivery.

No replacements are available on the 7-30 Day Surveyed Leads.

*Conditions apply. See our Terms and Conditions below for details.

This lead package is not currently available - we are working to fullfill our current back log of orders and will reopen this lead package again in the near future.
Please enter your email address below if you'd like us to let you know as soon as they're available again.