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About our Super Value 600/60 Pack II

This package contains:

60 Live Premium Leads

600 Aged Surveyed Leads 7-45 Days Old

(660 Total Leads)

This package is excellent for:

  • New recruit on a limited advertising budget who needs calling experience
  • Fill-in leads for those waiting for premium or co-op share leads
  • For recruiters who never can have enough leads

Replacements: Live Premium Leads with bad phone numbers or who claim they never submitted a request for information are eligible for replacement when they are submitted through your lead store customer account within 5 days of delivery. No replacements are available on the 7-45 Day Surveyed Leads.

Delivery: You may request a specific number of leads delivered per day on the Live Premium Leads, and you will most likely receive ALL of the 7-45 day Surveyed Leads at the same time.

We require auto-ship on this package. You may cancel auto-ship at anytime from your customer leads control panel in your lead store backoffice.

*Conditions apply. See our Terms and Conditions below for details.

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Super Value 600/60 Pack II 660$370.20