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Income Surveyed Lead - Shared

Tired of talking to people who are interested in making money from home, BUT they can’t afford the start up costs? Our Income Surveyed Lead can be the answer to that age-old problem. Each prospect has responded to one of our ads about starting their own home based business within the last 7 to 21 days.

We then filter each lead against the most reputable and dependable national databases available and gather additional information about each prospect. We verify that each lead has an household income of at least $30,000 and a credit rating of no less than 600. * This lead would typically cost more than $10 to generate but we have created a system for you to have this lead for a fraction of the price.

Each lead contains the prospect's name, address, phone, and email, plus their yearly household income range and credit score range. Your leads will be conveniently delivered all at once in a single batch CSV file, allowing you to start prospecting immediately.

These Leads are not currently available.