Bulk Local Lead

What are Bulk Local Leads?

  • Bulk Local Leads are leads are 60-180 days in age in the state(s) of your choice. We randomize the lead delivery to insure everyone gets a fair mix of date ranges.
  • Leads will be delivered via e-mail as they become available as a csv/spreadsheet attachment.
  • Leads can be manually imported into PhoneBurner, but cannot be automatically sent into PhoneBurner (or other marketing system).
  • To account for any leads that may have a bad phone number or other incorrect information we include 10% extra free leads with all orders.

These leads are perfect for:

  • Building instant credibility over the phone.
  • Inviting new prospects to local opportunity meetings.
  • Meeting your prospects face to face.

Local Leads are a proven way to increase your recruiting success. Nothing adds more credibility to your opportunity, than getting face-to-face with your prospect to present your Business Plan. You will be amazed at how much more receptive your prospects will be, knowing that they have a Real Person locally to help them get started.

If you are looking to spend less money, less time recruiting, while sponsoring more local people than ever into your program.. Bulk Local Leads are the answer!

After you order be sure to check your e-mail account regularly so you never miss new leads to call ASAP!

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Adding Bulk Local Lead To Your Shopping Cart:

Step 1: Select Quantity

ChooseQtyTotal PricePrice Each
250$72.50$0.29 ea.
500$120.00$0.24 ea.
750$142.50$0.19 ea.
1000$150.00$0.15 ea.

Step 2: Localized Lead Options

Please select between 1 and 5 states that you would like to receive leads from:

Step 3: Delivery Options

In addition to our web based interface, you have the following options for receiving your Leads.Please check the boxes next to your preferred method of delivery. More than one method of delivery may be selected.

A file with the leads in CSV (comma separated values) format is emailed to you at the end of the day. A CSV file can be opened using Microsoft Excel or Notepad.

Do you want .CSV to be delivered
Daily OR At the end of the Order

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