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Instant Success Leads

Exclusive Live Interviewed Leads

Every day, we have a team of expert sales reps calling thousands of prospects just to find the best of the best prospects. On average, our team makes 94 calls in order to generate just 1 Telephone Interviewed lead.

Our unique three step pre-qualifying process

  1. The prospects click on an online ad for a home based business opportunity and submit their contact information.

  2. We call the prospect and take them through an interview.

  3. Once we complete the interview we confirm they will be awaiting a call from a highly recommended company.

The Interview

Here is what our team looks for in every lead.

Right person - We call back each person to verify that their information is correct and that they have the ability to make a purchasing decision

Right time - Our expert team verifies that they are still interested and that now is the right time for them to start a home business

Right product - Our representatives inform the prospect that one company will be calling them back about their business and that they will take their call. (That's YOU!)

Budget - We know that most business can be started for a small startup cost, so we make sure they have at least $100 to invest if they find a business they like. If they don't, they are disqualified as a lead.

With each lead you get:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone

  • Email

  • City

  • State

  • IP address

  • Date

  • Interviewers Name

  • Amount of Time To Invest

  • Desired Earnings Per Month

The availability of this leads is very limited!

Because of the strict pre-qualification process each prospect has gone through, the quantity is very limited. Reserve yours today! If we are sold out of leads for your program we will notify you immediately.

Leads are sold on a first come first serve basis. We will process your order within one business day of when you place your order.

Lead Type: Business Opportunity
Delivery: Immediately to within a few business days
Lead Age: Real-Time
Location: USA only.
Replacements: Bad Leads within 5 days.

Adding Exclusive Live Interviewed Leads To Your Shopping Cart:

Step 1: Select Quantity

ChooseQtyTotal PricePrice Each
25$137.50$5.50 ea.
50$275.00$5.50 ea.
100$550.00$5.50 ea.
200$1100.00$5.50 ea.

Step 2: What is the Maximum # of Leads per day that you would like to receive?

The maximum number of Exclusive Live Interviewed Leads that you can request per day is 20.

Step 3: Delivery Options

In addition to our web based interface, you have the following options for receiving your Leads.Please check the boxes next to your preferred method of delivery. More than one method of delivery may be selected.

Select this option and every lead delivered to your order will be sent an SMS Message upon delivery to your order. The message will automatically include your name, contact information and the website you enter in the Redirect Link Delivery option below. The message will look like this:

Please visit us
Your "home business start-up" coach is:
Jane Smith - 888-555-1212

* Please note: Successful delivery of SMS Messages can not be guaranteed.

A file with the leads in CSV (comma separated values) format is emailed to you at the end of the day. A CSV file can be opened using Microsoft Excel or Notepad.

Do you want .CSV to be delivered
Daily OR At the end of the Order

Everytime a lead is acquired its contents are emailed to you.
Please note: Delivery via email is NOT guaranteed. Check your account daily for new leads.

Please enter your phone number below to have your leads delivered to you by Text (SMS) Message as they are assigned. Read Full Terms

     - Mobile Number (format: XXX-XXX-XXXX):
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