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About our NEW Interviewed Travel Leads-Exclusive
"After ten years in Coastal these are the most responsive leads I have called in years. Definitely worth my time.".
Shawn Maguire
Prospecting for your Coastal business just got a whole lot easier!

Our professional staff will make calls and schedule appointments for you. This allows you to conduct more interviews.

We all know that one of the hardest aspects of prospecting today is getting the prospect to answer your call. And for some people, if you do get the prospect on the call, building rapport and qualifying that person may also be a challenge.

Let us help. We call, qualify, build rapport and set your appointments. You just conduct the interviews.

The process:
  • First, we call each prospect and confirm that they are interested in making money from home with their own business. We learn more about their interests by finding out how much time they can spend to build their business every week. Next, we inquire about how much money they would like to make monthly from their business.

  • In addition, we ask them about their travel habits and most importantly, if they would have an interest in learning about starting their own Wholesale Travel Business.

  • If the prospect is interested, we tell them that a Travel Specialist will contact them to conduct a more in depth interview. We then set a day and time that best meets your prospect’s schedule. Remember, you do not need to schedule another appointment, just conduct the interview!

These leads have shown a high rate of attending their scheduled appointment times and remember why you are calling.

Leads are exclusive and limited in supply. If you would like to take advantage of this great opportunity, get started below.

"I’m not even all the way through mine. I love them and will probably only order these leads from now on."
~ Heather Bahm
"The connect rate on these leads is amazing. People are so much more willing to talk! It's so nice to have leads this ready to talk to!"
~ Stephanie Stovall
"The Travel Live Interviewed Leads have been GREAT!!! Even better than the normal Live Interviewed Leads. I've had more people answer the phone, was able to do more Presentations with them. Even if it wasn't at there pre-picked appointment time. Can't wait to see how these leads help others as well:) "
~ Amy Ludwig

With each lead you get: First & Last Name, Gender, Email, Phone, City, State, Zip, Hours to invest, Do you have at least $100 to invest?, Desired income, Date of interview, Do you travel for business or pleasure?, Call back day and time, Timezone

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