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We recently had the privilege of interviewing eight-figure income earner, Mr. Brian Carruthers. Mr. Carruthers has personally enrolled over 1,400 people using leads, and he is allowing us to share his strategies for achieving success using our leads.

'The key to success in working leads to recruit people into your business is consistency. Set your expectations properly. Don't expect to recruit a large percentage. If you buy 100 leads and you recruit 3 people right away, and in following up you recruit 2 more, that's 5 recruits. In most comp plans, you will have made a significant return on your investment. If it makes you some money, it can be duplicated to make each person on your team money. If you scale it out and get your whole team adding leads to their method of operation, you can build the fastest-growing team in your entire company.

Plan to take the time to improve your phone skills and posture. When network builders buy one batch of leads and then do not follow up with another batch, this means that there was no commitment to their cold market recruiting strategy. They were only 'trying it out' - which is not a good philosophy or strategy. Leads work, for those who work them consistently.

How to work leads properly:

Call them immediately upon receiving them, especially if you are buying real time leads. Do not let them grow cold. They just answered an ad about starting a business, so strike while that idea is fresh on their mind.

If you get their voice mail, you might not leave a message and just try them back at a different time. After two attempts, you can leave them a message, 'Hi Bill, it's [your name]. I am getting back to you because you requested some information on our company's work from home program. I am sorry it's taken me a bit to respond, as we have being flood by people who have concluded they want to create income for themselves at home and get their lives back. Please call me so I can get you some information to review. No cost or obligation. Here's my number.'

Keep calling until you reach them. If they sound sharp or decent, keep them on your list and keep following up... forever. The leads you are buying are to become a part of your list, your database. Your list is your gold mine. You can keep mining it for a decade. I am still recruiting people that were leads I bought ten years ago. I work my new fresh leads daily, and when I have time I go back into my list and make dials all the time.

Auto-Ship your lead buys:

Why should you set up your lead purchases to be automatic? Consistency. Being our own boss in network marketing, we need to set into our daily method of operation a way to keep us focused on IPA (Income Producing Activity). Knowing that more new leads are coming, it forces us to keep up with the current dials. We don't want to recruit one week / month, then take a break, then come back to it a few months later. This lack of consistency really hurts the business. Recruiting activity needs to just be a regular thing, happening like clockwork. I like to set a goal of how many dials a day I will make. When I finish my brand new leads received that day, I go back to rework my list (past leads). Fortune is in the Follow Up!

So I set myself up on auto-ship. I encourage my team to do the same. Can you imagine if each person on your team was working 50 new leads every month?'

~ Brian Carruthers, Million Dollar Earner, Personally recruited over 1400 people (personally uses leads from Instant Success Leads)

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