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7-21 Day Old Local Home Job Leads

Our "7-21 Day Old Local Home Job Leads" will help you build new warm markets in your backyard. Target as little as 3 area codes and up to as many as 5.

This product is perfect for those who’re looking for an even more comfortable conversation. You will have an instant connection because of your proximity to the prospect. It also helps create and promote more face-to-face meetings or local business presentations and events. The best part is they usually lead to more answered telephone calls when dialing your prospects (the prospect recognizes the local area code you're calling from).

When most people hear the term "job seeker", most network marketers cringe. Typically, the term has a negative connotation when talking about network marketing leads.

However, through our years of marketing we've found that, in many cases, the people looking for a REMOTE or home-based job are, in many cases, cut from the same cloth as those who are open to the idea of a side-gig or business they can build from home.

The reality is there are similar attributes needed for both operating a ‘home-based business' and that of a ‘home or remote' job candidate. Most of the people looking are self-directed, stay on task, are goal-oriented, and don't need a ‘boss' looking over their shoulder to get their work done.

Our experience has proven that a network or affiliate marketer who has a GREAT marketing system, strong tools,and training, can very easily sort through LOW-COST prospects to find those rock stars.

Why is that important to you?

Here's the thing, advertising online is becoming MORE and MORE expensive every year. For just that reason, it's harder to sift and sort to generate a lead of someone who raises their hand for starting a business. However, the cost to find a person who wants to "WORK AT HOME" or find a "remote job" is a fraction of the cost when comparing the two. For that reason alone, we can offer you at a lead a fraction of the cost of other "home-based business” lead products.

HOW CHEAP?....check out the packages below.

OUR Home Job Lead - "Foot in the Door - Quick Script" - Anyone can do this:

Hi, is this NAME? Hi NAME, this is YOUR NAME, I received your inquiry about working from home. Are you only interested in an hourly job, or would you be open to looking at something that offers an unlimited earnings potential?

*Note: All leads will come with first name (and sometimes last name), email address, phone number, and Date and Time Stamp. All leads are shared with ONLY one other Network Marketer (outside your company of course). NO replacements due to wholesale pricing below.

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Step 2: What is the Maximum # of Leads per day that you would like to receive?

The maximum number of 7-21 Day Old Local Home Job Leads that you can request per day is 10.

Step 3: Localized Lead Options Select at least 3 and up to 5 Area Codes

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